What do you wear?

The usual concern here is "Do/Will you wear a kilt?"

The answer is yes.

I always wear a kilt, The exact make-up of hose, gillie brogues, sporran, jackets, hats, etc. is somewhat negotiable.

I have two color schemes for my kilts. The first is a green and blue kilt which is the MacLeod of Harris tartan. The second is a predominantly red tartan in which I have both the MacLean of Duart and the closely related Royal Stewart tartan. These tartans are pictured below:

MacLeod of Harris

Royal Stewart

(Note - somewhat facetiously!: If you'd like me to wear a specific tartan, that can be arranged at huge additional expense (about $500) with sufficient notice (about four months) so that I can have it made!)

I wear a black jacket to all formal affairs and sometimes a vest. If it's very hot, the jacket may come off. I have red plaids in MacLean of Duart and Royal Stewart which can be worn over my shoulder, but, honestly, they are clumsy and make well playing more difficult.

You can see more of my outfits by clicking here.

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