Where do we start? (Click on blue links to read)

  1. Have an idea of what you want done for your event (e.g., memorials or weddings.  (You don't need to know everything in detail, but you should have an idea.)
  2. Have a date and, if possible, starting and ending times for the event.
  3. Know where the event will be.  Is there only one location or two (e.g., church and reception hall, church and graveside) (Think about location relative to my home/work locations in Henrietta/Rochester, New York.  If your event is more than two hours away from my home, you may want to contact another piper as my travel costs will become a large fraction of my fee.  A good local piper may be less expensive.)
  4. For weddings, it's helpful to me to know approximately how many people will be attending.  This gives me an idea of how long I'll need to play for receiving lines or other events where people are in a queue.
  5. If there is a wedding coordinator or funeral director involved, I'd like a name and phone number.
  6. Read about how I set a price for my performances. 
  7. After all this is done, then contact me.  For weddings this is a must.  For memorial services, have the funeral director do this as that's part of what they are paid for. 
  8. For weddings, a demo CD can be provided if I am available on your date.  For weddings, a contract is negotiated with 50% in advance to lock down the date.

If you can provide me with most of the information above, I should be able to let you know if I am available and may be able to give you a rough idea of a fee. 

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